Sculpture on Campus 2012

On October 12, 2012 SIUE sculptors were greeted with a perfect afternoon for their annual sculpture walk, a pleasant contrast to the previous year when artist and enthusiast alike braved the elements for the sake of culture. Rain or shine the sculpture walk is the yearly opportunity for SIUE’s Sculpture on Campus participants to formally show off the fruits of their summer labors to the community at large.

The Sculpture on Campus program is unique to SIUE and encourages current art and design students, graduate and undergraduate alike, to produce large scale works that are then displayed on campus for an entire year. In many cases the works are allowed to remain as permanent fixtures on the campus and remnants of previous competitions can be found all over campus grounds. Participants create their installations during the summer semester, many times with work continuing well into the fall, occasionally with a mad dash to complete work in time for the October walk.

On the walk students take those present on a guided tour of the campus grounds, stopping to explain their pieces and answer any questions. The evening concludes with an art auction to raise money for the continuation of the program, live music, and an award ceremony for the years participants.

This Year’s Entries:

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