Carolina Rocha Visits EIU

April 5th 2012, Carolina Rocha of the SIUE Department of Forign Languages and Literature gave a special guest lecture at Eastern Illinois University.  Rocha’s presentation titled “Representing Argentine Masculinities in Un Lugar en el Mundo” was an analysis on the way that the perception of masculinity is changing in Argentinian culture and how this can be observed in cinema.

Rocha’s talk focused on “Un Lugar en el Mundo” (A Place in the World) a 1992 drama directed by Adolfo Aristarain.  The film is one of six Argentinian blockbusters Rocha covers in her upcoming book “Masculinities in Contemporary Argentine Popular Film” which is Rocha’s first book as sole author due out in May.

The lecture was complimented with a screening of the film. Both were well received and had high attendance. Rocha was particularly impressed with how many students took the film to heart.

“It was surprising how some of the students reacted to the movie because some of them came out crying,” Rocha explained.

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