Carlos Zamora Visits SIUE

Carlos Zamora talking to Dean RomeroTuesday, March 13, 2012 graphic designer Carlos Zamora gave a special guest lecture to the art department at SIUE. Originally from Cuba, Zamora considers himself a man of two cities, maintaining strong ties to Havana and also making a home for himself in St. Louis.

Zamora’s lecture focused less on his personal portfolio as an artist, but rather on the evolution of Cuban graphic design through the revolution and the impact that has both on Cuban society and world wide.

“Poster design is the art of the revolution,” stated Zamora.

Zamora’s lecture walked students through the emergence of symbols throughout Cuba’s revolution and how they and various design elements formed a distinct visual language that tells the history of the country.

“If something stays around from more than fifty years you should expect the symbol to remain,” explained Zamora,
“Poster design is history, it’s graphic history.”

Zamora currently works in the St. Louis area as a professional graphic designer for Kiku Obata & Company. His current work focuses largely on trying to acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of the Cuban revolution.

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