Coffee With Cool Women: Joann Condellone

Joann Condellone raised a cup with SIUE students as part of the Women’s Studies Program “Coffee With Cool Women” series. Condellone worked as a certified nurse midwife from the 1960’s up until four years ago when she retired.

Condellone started her career in the Women’s Army Corps as a cryptographer in 1959. She decided to study midwifery after the experiences she had having her first child. After graduate school Condellone worked extensively with the, “War on Poverty,” program in New York, and eventually went on to spend over 20 years working in private practice.

The “Coffee With Cool Women” series is an ongoing series sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program to allow students and faculty the opportunity to engage in casual conversation with professional women who have become authorities in their respective fields.

During her session Condellone discussed topics including: the state of healthcare today, the practice of midwifery past and present, and the challenges women have had to overcome in the medical industry.

The next session of Coffee With Cool Women will be held March 21, with special guest Carole Presson from the Madison County Sherriff’s Office. Seats are limited and can be reserved by emailing Catherine Seltzer (

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