“Domestic Musings From Above” now open

Domestic Musings From Above at the Schmidt Art Center at SWICThursday, Brigham Dimick, SIUE associate professor of art and design, teamed up with former student and SIUE MFA alum Ben Stern for a joint show at South Western Illinois College. The show, titled “Domestic Musings from Above,” focuses on images of childhood from above with emphasis on the concept of personal and global space.

Stern’s work is in the form of large scale composite photographs of area he has strong childhood memories of. The compositions are made up of hundreds of systematically shot photographs mounted on plexiglass.

“It started as a way to reconstruct the landscape,” Stern explained, “Just like you would fly over in an airplane taking pictures to make a map I take images of these close intimate spaces.”

Dimick’s work in the show features a series of paintings of his daughters suspended in water, combining realistic and surreal elements in the composition.

“I wanted to explore the idea of domestic and global space,” Dimick explained, “The works start with very personal space and expand outward into broader more abstract ideas.”

Dimick’s body of work featured in the show is the result of a SIUE STEP (Seed grants for Transitional and Exploratory Projects) grant. These competitive internal grants are given to support new research directions and projects of SIUE faculty.

The joint show came into being when SWIC put out their yearly call for entries. Dimick was familiar with the gallery space and thought it would be a great place to explore the dialogue created between the similar content of his work and Stern’s work.

“Domestic Musings From Above,” will be on display at the Schmidt Art Center at SWIC until February 24th.

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