Stellar Profile of Jenna Schneider

“The STELLAR … program is designed to recognize, honor, and develop some of the star student achievers of our College. Our CAS STELLAR students will receive special recognition and support from the College to help them achieve their full potential in their academic program and beyond,” according to the STELLAR website. Nominations are not necessarily predicated on the academic performance of the students.  The students are nominated by faculty members of the department in which they are studying.  Each department nominates one or two students who excel in their studies and best represent the core values and show exceptional promise in that department.

Hometown: Bethalto, Illinois

Major: double in Economics and Finance and Political Science (“Political Science was my first choice. I’ve always loved the study of governments in general, law, I’ve always loved that. But I took an economics class my freshman year and I really loved it as well,” said Schneider. “I decided that I was going to steer towards going to law school and I thought that an economics background would be beneficial.”)

Siblings: four brothers

Hobbies: working out, volunteering with church, and reading (“I’m the girl that reads the textbook whenever we have to do the assignments. I just like to read, anything. I like biographies and I like to read about people.”)

Work: tutor for Business Statistics, student supervisor in Student Fitness Center

Future: law school with focus on international law: “Long term, I want to do international law. I want to live abroad and work on behalf of other people. It is really altruistic motives and I understand that some people think that is wishy-washy and she’s not sincere. But that’s truthful. I spent a time in Vietnam after my freshman year in college and I loved it. I saw poverty. I saw things I never thought I would see in the world. I spent a month there. I didn’t even travel the entire country and know that there are places in this world where people cannot stand up for themselves. They don’t have rights. They don’t have the ability to work. They don’t have the ability to vote. And that’s what I want to do. I want to work on behalf of other people.”)

Nominated by: Denise DeGarmo, associate professor and chair of the political science department: “I’ve known Jenna for almost four years. She is a really unique student because she is so motivated and determined to succeed at whatever she does. She works full time. She’s a double major on top of everything else. She’s very involved in her church and mission work. When you see a young woman with such a huge work load and then you see how well she does it–because she’s a perfect 4.0 student–you kind of stand up and take notice because you don’t see a whole lot of folks like that,” said DeGarmo.



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