Synthesis at Wagner

Lynn Cool, MFA

Lynn Cool, MFA

“Synthesis,” a collection of works by Lynn Cool, has arrived at the Wagner gallery. The show features a collection of metal and mixed media works by the former SIUE student. The show will be running until September 29, 2011 when Lynn will be present for the closing events to give a talk on her work.

Taking her work beyond simple wearable jewelery Cool’s works are designed to create a sculptural environment for the jewelery when it is not being worn.

“Jewelery makers have a lot to consider when the piece isn’t on the body,” Cool explained.

Most notably this is done through the creation of reliquaries that blend the aesthetics of the jewelery into a non-wearable base.

Gaft: copper, sterling silver, coral, antler, teeth, found objects, patina

“I like the historical connection,” Lynn says on her decision to work in reliquaries, attributing their design to the way the pieces interact with the people around them more so than any religious symbolism.

She stresses the importance of the audiences interaction with the artwork to help define meaning, focusing on how the wearer of a piece or the person viewing a sculpture help to create a narrative around the piece.

Cool’s pieces combine a variety of techniques and materials including: glass, precious metals, wood, bone, and found objects. She works primarily in organic forms with pieces taking on the appearance of sticks and trees. The form of the pieces typically draw the viewers eye to the wearable elements, while still blending them in to the overall composition.

Having recently earned her MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Kansas State University, Lynn is self employed as a full-time artist. In future works, Lynn said she would like to explore the performance role of reliquaries in social interactions, as well as continuing to engage in solo exhibitions.

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