Opinions on the Academy

Each week, the editors will choose an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.  An interview will be conducted with several CAS professors.  The responses will be posted in this section in a straightforward Q and A layout.

This section is opinion based.

The editors of This Week In CAS are asking that you, the professors of CAS, use this as an opportunity to look outside your department and consider what your CAS colleagues  think about the issues of the academy.

As we look forward to this semester, the editors of This Week In CAS would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to participate in this section of our publication.  The objective of this section is to allow each and every one of you to take the opportunity to express your opinion on some topic in the academy.

As stated in the second paragraph, this section is opinion based.  There is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions that will be posed here.  The section is intended only as a means to begin a conversation.  As the editors pose the questions each week, we only ask that you express what you truly believe to be the best answer.  We ask that as we approach you with our questions, you see it as the opportunity to break from the normal routines of class, lectures, grading and CAS commitments.

We look forward to publishing what you share on the topics we present.

Thank you,

This Week In CAS Editorial staff.

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