Henderson represents PAPA at healthcare banquet

Rochelle Henderson, assistant professor of public administration and policy analysis (PAPA), attended the 25th Anniversary Banquet of the Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation (SIHF) as an invited guest.

For the department, having a faculty member attend such a significant event as a representative of the department is extremely beneficial.

“Her attendance at this event denotes the continuing relationship and collaboration that exists between the department and community organizations,” said T.R. Carr, professor of public administration and policy analysis and chair of the department.

SIHF has been creating and offering healthcare services in the Southern Illinois area since 1985. 

“The banquet was to honor and celebrate the 25th anniversary of an influential and instrumental healthcare foundation in the Southern Illinois region,” said Henderson. “They provide service and access to quality healthcare to those less fortunate in our community.”

Consistent with their goal of building valuable relationships with community organizations, the PAPA department also has a student intern working with the foundation.

“The internship is an opportunity for us to be closely aligned with the organization,” said Henderson. “This provides work experience for our students and allows us to work with the community in the area of health policy.”

PAPA’s presence at SIHF’s banquet amongst key community officials and organizers signifies the department’s continuous advancements in excellence.

“This conference was an opportunity [for PAPA] to gather with local officials—mayors, those actually practicing public administration in terms of city management—and to share ideas about the future and necessities around the area of healthcare,” said Henderson.

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