Dean Romero donates personal collection of 50,000 documents

Aldemaro Romero, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at SIUE, donated his personal collection to Lovejoy Library at SIUE on Friday.

Kyle Moore, director of development at Lovejoy Library, gave an introduction. Moore gave a short biography of Romero’s academic career. Moore also gave a synopsis of the collection that Romero had donated.

“Throughout his career, Dr. Romero has published more than 570 pieces including numerous books, peer reviewed publications and monographs on a wide variety of subjects, including cave biology, marine mammals, paleontology, environmental studies, and history and philosophy of science,” Moore stated. “He has produced and written, and in many cases directed and hosted, about 1,500 radio and 50 t.v. shows including award winning nature documentaries.”

The collection contains more than 50,000 pieces of scholarship including video and audio recordings, pictures, notes, articles as well as an assortment of other items collected during his 40 year career as an academic. After a short speech about his career and the development of the collection, Romero answered questions from the audience. Some of the questions were about his work at SIUE but many focused on the development of his expansive collection.

Below are videos of Romero telling about his collection and answering questions from the audience.

Audience Question #1: “First, leading with a comment. I wasn’t aware of your narrative and its very moving and a really profound way to contextualize the gift… It’s very clear that at heart behind your science is a type of stewardship of the natural world. But, I am wondering in particular with the whole thing with the cave fishes, if you could explain your fascination about them to the lay person. How are the cave fishes a metaphor?”

Audience Question 2: “What item in the collection do you think everyone probably should look at but won’t notice right off the bat? What is the most kind of resident piece you have?”

Audience Question 3: “You’ve walked around it and I know the story and it’s unbelievable. Could you give a brief narrative of what transpired and how that occurred? I think for those who don’t know it, they would find it enlightening.” (This question was asked in reference to Romero’s experience with the Venezuelan government and how it related to his life story.)

Audience Question 4: “What are some of your goals looking to the future for the College of Arts and Sciences and yourself?”

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