Dean Romero Donates Life’s Work

Aldemaro Romero Jr., dean of the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, donated his collected works to the University. A visual representation of his works is on display in the middle of the first floor of Lovejoy Library, near the reference desk.

A student browses a display of the Romero Collection

The Aldemaro Romero Jr. collection consists of more than 50,000 items of interest, collected individually over a lifetime of research spanning four decades.  The collection is vast and contains thousands of scientific journal articles, various writings, photographic slides, audio tapes and source documents that date back to the 16th Century from the many fields of biology and oceanography.

“The collection is unique and exciting and will be a great resource to SIUE students and faculty conducting research in the fields of biology, marine biology, political science and cultural history,” said Director of Development, Library and Information Services, Kyle Moore. “Administrators and faculty often leave a legacy to their institutions of higher education.  There is a built-in affinity for their university and a belief that what they are doing will benefit others.  The University has a vested interest in supporting research, especially if it is rare or unique.  It allows their work to support the research of others in their field, and allows for new ideas and content to be generated from the work that they have done.”

Scholarship and research generates more research and critical thinking on the subject.  When new content in any field is created, it generates interest and more research.  Library and Information Services is dedicated to bringing SIUE students and faculty the greatest possible information to help them achieve new heights in their chosen field.

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