Politically inspiring black women highlighted

Condoleezza Rice

The Black Studies program hosted its Politically Inspiring Black Women exhibition in Peck Hall on Sept. 18.

With the goal of broadening conversation about African American ideas and racial equity, the exhibit featured 28 “political or inspiring black women” and was specifically targeted at female students enrolled in an orientation course at SIUE.

Associate Professor Howard Rambsy, chair of the Black Studies program, was assisted by more than 20 black studies contributors, faculty, and graduate students in organizing the event.

The exhibit also sought to address questions concerning definitions of what it means to be a “political” or “inspiring” black woman in modern society.

“We also wanted to take a more concerted effort to highlight the presence of black women in discourses of politics and empowerment, both broadly defined,” said Rambsy.

Coordinators of the exhibit asked several faculty members and graduate students to comment on the benefits of being intellectually engaged, remaining artistically involved, taking on leadership roles, or traveling.

Their ideas were organized into personal letters to the students in the orientation course – these letters were also made a part of the exhibit.

The auditory senses of those attending the exhibit were also tantalized by an audio track including the voices of the 28 politically inspiring black women.

The exhibit showcased a diverse group of black women including: Valerie Jarrett, Angela Davis, Serena Williams, Condoleezza Rice and Beyoncé Knowles.

The Black Studies Program's exhibit featured a diverse group of politically inspiring black women. Photo by Howard Rambsy.

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  1. llafond says:

    This is just one of a number of great exhibitions that Black Studies has been presenting this semester. These exhibitions engage and inspire students and faculty alike–definitely worth visiting!

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