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SIUE Alum Tracy Ashton on Raising Hope

On Tuesday January eighth SIUE Theater and Dance graduate Tracy Ashton made a guest appearance on the Fox series, “Raising Hope.”
Born and raised in southern Illinois, Ashton graduated SIUE in 1981 as a theater and dance major. She looks back on the experience with fond memories,
“College is a womb like experience, everything is just right […]

Express advising to begin this semester

Express advising to begin this semester

Students with at least 75 credit hours and a 2.5 GPA will be able to take part in express advising, according to Brian Hinterscher, CAS undergraduate advising coordinator.
To qualify for express advising, students should have met with their major advisor previously, according to Hinterscher, and should come into the express appointments knowing what classes they […]

SIUE Faculty at round table discussion for Segue episode 100

Segue Records Episode 100

Last Friday a group of SIUE faculty met in the Dunham Hall studio to record the 100th episode of Segue. This special edition of the weekly radio program took on a round table format with six of the shows previous guest being given the chance to turn the tables and ask Aldemaro Romero (the shows […]

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Segue: Now Showing on a Computer Near You

October 7, 2012 marked the first Segue to be video recorded and broadcast over the internet. This weekly radio program features host Aldemaro Romero, dean of the SIUE college of arts and sciences, speaking with SIUE faculty as well as other learned figures about their work and the impact it has on the world around […]

SIU and University of Havana sign exchange agreement

SIU and University of Havana sign exchange agreement

Members of both universities attending the signing ceremony (from left to right): Thomas Cheng, Paul Sarvela, Ana Romero, Julie Furst-Bowe (SIU), Raúl Rodriguez, Jorge Hernandez (UH), Rita Cheng, Aldemaro Romero (SIU), Hilda León Castellanos, Lourdes Díaz Fernandez, Milagros Martínez, and Carmen Castillo (UH). Picture by Cory Byers.
September 26, 2012, marked a significant step for Southern […]

CAS Hands on Day Strikes Again

CAS Hands on Day Strikes Again

Chancellor Furst-Bowe and Dean Romero checking their heart rates after various stimuli at the Biology booth.
It’s that time of year again at SIUE, that magical time of year when the overbearing heat waves begin to dissipate, the leaves begin to turn, and undeclared students begin to wonder what on earth they’re going to do with their […]

Morris University Center Cafeteria packed on a Friday afternoon

CAS Enrollment on the Rise

Bad news for SIUE students as already crowded parking lots get even more packed. The upside enrollment for the College of Arts and Sciences is on the rise. This year CAS shows a record high for freshmen enrollment as well as for overall ACT score, meaning that the college is attracting more and higher performing […]

Veteran’s Tribute scheduled for October 28th - November 1st

Veteran’s Tribute scheduled for October 28th – November 1st

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The Politcal Science Department, Office of Educational Outreach, and ROTC has announced that SIUE will host a series of Veteran’s Tribute events from October 28, 2012 to November 1, 2012. The events will take place at the Museum located on the second floor of the Morris University Center. This is a first-time […]

Italy travel study provides exciting learning opportunity for students

Italy travel study provides exciting learning opportunity for students

SIUE students at the Colosseum. Pictured: Emily Bowermaster, Brian Hayes, Caleb Hixon, Heather Kosydor, Emily McCoy, Emily Schertz, Dr. Carole Collier Frick. Photo courtesy of Stephen Fricke.
Each year, SIUE professors in the history department take students on travel studies. The College of Arts and Sciences supports these travel studies to provide both graduate and undergraduate […]

Collge of Arts and Sciences Faculty

Looking at CAS Over the Past Year and Into the Future

Last Friday the faculty of the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences gathered in the Meridian Ballroom for the annual CAS breakfast. This meeting welcomes back faculty after the summer break, while reminding them of the accomplishments of the college over the previous year, and briefing them on the various goals for the coming year.
The […]

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