Vision cast, accomplishments highlighted at 2014 CAS Fall Meeting

Academic leaders shared their vision, highlighted accomplishments and announced new faculty and staff members at the 2014 College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) fall meeting.

Dean of the College or Arts and Sciences Aldemaro Romero addresses faculty and staff during the 2014 fall meeting. Photo courtesy of Cathey.

The meeting, held Friday at the Morris University Center, included speeches by Chancellor Julie Furst-Bowe, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Parviz Ansari and Dean Aldemaro Romero.

Ansari asked attendees to think about how to become a better professor, staff member and administrator for students.

“We’re all here for one thing—the students,” Ansari said.

According to Ansari, “a lot of good things” are happening at SIUE through the work of faculty.

“Thanks to you we have been very able to distinguish ourselves in many ways regionally,” Ansari said.

Furst-Bowe said she is impressed by the proactivity of faculty and staff–mentoring students, establishing interdisciplinary initiatives and providing study abroad opportunities.

“We really are making a difference,” Furst-Bowe said. “I’ve certainly been encouraged by all the new creative programs and services that I’m seeing across campus.”

According to Furst-Bowe, faculty and admissions play a crucial role in student enrollment and retention and “the enrollment picture looks very encouraging.”

“What we’re seeing certainly are more students moving from their freshman year to their sophomore year…our graduation rates are climbing upward,” Furst-Bowe said. “It looks like we’re going to have not only a good freshman class, but a record freshman class and a record ACT profile.”

Romero said CAS was “very productive” last year with 305 publications produced, 867 presentations, activities and performances held and more than $7 million in grants received.

Upon Romero’s invitation, SIUE alumnus and season 11 “American Idol” contestant Ethan Jones performed a song he wrote, “Best Year.” Romero asked Jones to convey a message to the SIUE community through his music.

According to Jones, he drew inspiration for his composition from his experiences as a college freshman.

Jones, who traveled from Nashville, Tenn., to the meeting, said, “I love this school.”

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