Pi Sigma Alpha hosts ‘A Conversation with Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon’

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon, a former SIU Carbondale law professor, will speak to the university community about Illinois government Thursday evening.

Pi Sigma Alpha will bring Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon to speak on campus at 7 p.m., Thursday, at the Maple-Dogwood Room of the Morris University Center.

Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science department’s honor society, is sponsoring the event, according to political science professor Carly Hayden-Foster, who helped arrange Simon’s visit. Hayden-Foster said Simon is a “high-profile person in Illinois government” with an interesting background and a “wealth of knowledge.”

“She is famous for being very engaging and doing a good job of listening to students and actually answering questions very directly, maybe as opposed to the way people think of politicians answering questions,” Hayden-Foster said. “She’s very direct and honest and down to earth. And I think if students have any actual questions about how things are operating in Illinois, I think she would give straight answers.”

Simon served as a prosecutor in Jackson County for four years and works with Gov. Pat Quinn on education reform. Her mission, according to the Illinois government website, is “to make government more accountable, accessible and transparent for the taxpayers of Illinois.”

Senior political science and economic major Jorgia Hanlin, also a Pi Sigma Alpha member, said she is interested to hear about Simon’s “road map to her position as lieutenant governor.”

“I am going to get my masters in public administration, and so I think it’ll be interesting to hear how she made a name for herself,” Hanlin said.

Students will have the opportunity, according to Hanlin, to take part in a conversational discussion with Simon.

Simon is expected speak for roughly 30 minutes and allow the remaining time for questions from the audience. The free event will be held at 7 p.m. in the Maple-Dogwood Room of the Morris University Center and is sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science department and women’s studies.

For more information, contact Hayden-Foster at cahayde@siue.edu.

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