CAS adviser found ‘calling’ in academic advising

Academic adviser Danette Griffith originally expected to have a career working with children, but found advising to be her calling.

“[In the beginning of my advising career] I was actually able to work with the adviser who advised me…,” Griffith said. “I’ve really enjoyed it because I think I can really relate to it.”

Griffith, who has been an adviser with the College of Arts and Sciences for about two years, before which she worked at SIU Carbondale, said the most rewarding aspect of advising is watching students graduate and knowing she played a part in that.

However, the most challenging aspect is working with students “who do not play an active role in their education.” Griffith said she tries to combat that by making sure students take classes they are interested in.

“I just truly believe that you can’t take classes or major in something just because your parents want you to do so…,” Griffith said. “It’s more of getting them to take classes that they’re interested in because that’s the only way you’re going to succeed – if you’re interested in what you’re doing.”

Griffith, who has an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and two Master’s degrees, said her experiences, rather than her education, help in role as adviser.

“I don’t think it’s just my education background [that helps me with my work],” Griffith said. “I think it’s my experiences in general going through undergraduate and graduate programs that help me better relate to the students…”

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