Mass Comm Week 2013

Returning Mass Comm Alums discuss breaking into the workforceLast week the Department of Mass Communications celebrated their annual Mass Comm Week. This week long series of events and lectures features events and lectures from SIUE alumni, faculty, and outside working media professionals. This years theme “Emerging Media Careers in Collaborative Hubs,” focused on the importance of networking in today’s social media heavy environment.

“We’re always extraordinarily happy to welcome back our alums,” department chair Gary Hicks shared, “When you are dealing with an ever changing technology driven industry such as ours it’s important that you maintain relationships with people who are out there in the field so they can help us make sure we are providing the best and most relevant education for our students.”

Mass comm week featured several staples returning staples such as the first amendment free food festival, a panel of recent graduates discussing their strategies for landing those first jobs and surviving entry level positions, and the annual alumni evening where the department honors outstanding alumni and awards a number of scholarships to current Mass Comm Students. One of the big hits unique to this year was the “Mass Communications Careers in Film,” workshop with Hollywood director Mary Lou Belli that kicked off this years Mass Comm Week. Belli talked with students about career building strategies and how to utilize the broad background SIUE’s program provides when looking for work in the film industry.

“You have everything here that a student needs to practice with to have a skill set to enter into the real world,” Belli commented, “I would hope that anyone who graduates from here will have done everything they possibly can to have experience using the facilities.”

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