Art and Design West Wing Now Open

Ann Boyle, Lynn Curry, Julie Furst-Bowe, Gonz Jobe, and Aldemaro Romero Cutting the ribbon at the new art and design building expansion.The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new West wing of the art and design building was held last Thursday in the new building’s gallery space. Chancellor Julie Furst-Bowe, Dean Aldemaro Romero, returning alumni Gonz Jove, and current Art and Design MFA student Lynn Curry spoke at the ceremony.

The ribbon cutting was accompanied by the showcasing of art from SIUE students and alumni around the building with a show of the university’s recently acquired Emilio Sanchez collection on display in the gallery.

“The art and design department is active and alive,” Department Chair Barbra Nwacha said, “The creative atmosphere can only escalate with the new facilities.”

The nine million dollar expansion is the first half of the two part Art and Design building remodel. Also in progress is a six point nine million dollar remodel of the old art and design building, currently in progress and to be completed later this year. The remodel was designed by Trivers Architects of St. Louis and is being completed by R.W. Boeker Construction of Hamel IL.

The addition adds 29,000 square feet of office, studio, lecture, and gallery space which will allow the art education and art therapy majors to operate in the same building as the rest of the department. Additional features of the remodel and expansion include a switch to environmentally friendly construction methods and materials as well as improved safety measures for all studio spaces.

“This addition provides a safe, modern and inspirational environment for faculty and students to do their work and express their creativity,” Romero explained.


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