Meitner – poet of robo-tripping, sex ed., and love

Erika Meitner

Poets usually cut a fairly broad swath with their poems. Erika Meitner, assistant professor of English at Virginia Tech, is no exception to this rule.

Meitner came to SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as a guest speaker. The Department of English Language and Literature at SIUE invited Meitner to share some of her poetry with students, faculty, and staff in the Morris University Bookstore.

Sou’wester is the literary journal of SIUE’s English language and literature department and has been publishing literature since 1960. According to the Sou’wester website, Sou’wester “has consistently published some of the best poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction being produced” and “is meticulously produced and strives for elegance and excellence on and between the covers.”

Meitner, who has a host of awards for her writing, will have some of that writing published in the Fall 2011 issue of Sou’wester. She read from several collections of her poems: “Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls” and “Ideal Cities.”

Below are videos of Meitner reading a sample of her work to a ‘packed house’ in the bookstore.



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