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Assistant Professor Musonda Kapatamoyo

Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo

After a lengthy review process and much anticipation, the This Week In CAS app is available on Apple’s app store.

The decision to create the app originated with Aldemaro Romero, dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences at SIUE. The idea was that the app could be a tool for students and faculty to access information quickly and easily. Romero then approached Gary Hicks, chair of the Mass Communications department, who put the dean in touch with Assistant Professor Musonda Kapatamoyo, who created the app.

Kapatamoyo described the process of making the app relatively simple. He developed the app using Xcode, a proprietary software released by Apple for the creation of applications for OS X and iOS devices. Xcode uses a coding structure very similar to C and simulates numerous Apple devices ranging from computers to iPods.

The app was designed to be very straightforward, granting one button access to the latest TWIC stories. The interface of the website was simplified to make it friendlier for small screens. Another key design point of the app was that it automatically updates the content for app users as content is updated on the TWIC site.

“The main purpose of an app is to make things simple.” Kapatamoyo said.

What wasn’t as simple was the lengthy certification and review process for Apple allowing for distribution of the app. This required Kapatamoyo to get a university teaching certificate as well as an enterprise license. Then, the app had to go through a long step-by-step process of legal and technical review before it could be listed on the app store.

“It’s like every step is hidden,” Kapatamoyo said about how the next step of the review process was never revealed until after he completed the first one.

Despite the cumbersome review process. Kapatamoyo and Romero look toward future improvements of the app, such as an even more refined user interface as well as development of apps for other platforms. The Google Android version of the app will be coming soon, and will be advertised around via more QR codes on campus fliers and posters.

“The goal is to make new tools for distributing information available,” Romero said. “In a virtual way we are all connected.”


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