CAS Colloquium – Wednesday

March 23, 2011


MUC, Goshen Lounge


9:00-9:40am Welcome and Opening Session

Aldemaro Romero, College of Arts & Sciences

U.S.-Cuba Exchanges Since 1959 and Their Future: The Potential Role of the SIU System


11:00am-12:30pm Writing About America

Creative Writing faculty and graduate students from the Department of English Language & Literature: Allison Funk, Adrian Matejka, Jeffrey Skoblow, Daniel Boyt, Geoff Schmidt, Megan Hudgins, Valerie Vogrin, John Savoie, David Rawson, Ashley Luster, Stacey Lynn Brown


12:45-1:45pm One-Act Opera: Carlisle Floyd’s Slow Dusk

Marc Schapman, Music


Hairpin Drive




(Tour bus will depart from the flagpole)

East St. Louis History and Culture Bus Tour

Andrew Theising, Director of the SIUE Institute for Urban Research, will conduct a driving tour of East St. Louis—which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year – including visits to the old National Stock Yards, the East St. Louis riverfront, historical sites in the city, and a review of newer development projects.  Come see and learn about this city’s dramatic rise and fall.


MUC, Oak/Redbud Rooms


9:50-11:00am Walt Whitman Thinking About America

Jason Stacy, Historical Studies; Andrew Carver, English Language & Literature; Jessica DeSpain, English Language & Literature

11:15am-12:15pm America’s Practical Bluestockings: Early National Women’s Reading & 19th-Century Authorship

Jill Anderson (Moderator) and English Language & Literature Students: Bonnie Brueggemann, Kayla Hays, Consuella Kelly, Rachel Pease, Caitlin Pinney




America Divided: Examining Social & Economic Gaps I


Hsin-hsin Huang, Social Work

Impact of War on American Iraq &Afghanistan

Veterans: Contextual and Psychological Implications


  Natalee Schwalb, Speech Communication; Sonia Zamanou-Erickson, Speech Communication

Effects of Social Gap and Digital Divide on

Opportunities for American Under-Privileged Youth



Lakesha Butler, School of Pharmacy

Health Disparities of America


  Wendy Shaw, College of Arts & Sciences

The Geography of U.S. Poverty: Selected Comments


2:45-4:00pm America Divided: Examining Social & Economic Gaps II


Gary Hicks, Mass Communications

From ‘Snake Pit’ to ‘South Park’: The Changing American Face of Mental Illness





Angela Kaiser, Social Work

Facilitating the Development of Bridging Social Capital in America


MUC, Maple/Dogwood Rooms


10:00-10:30am Dialectal Variation in America and Illinois

Kristine Hildebrandt, English Language & Literature; Larry LaFond, College of Arts & Sciences; Laura Wehmer, English Language & Literature


10:45am-12:15pm Is America Unique? A Roundtable Discussion on American Exceptionalism

Steven Hansen, Historical Studies; Jeff Manuel, Historical Studies; Jason Stacy, Historical Studies; Victoria Harrison, Historical Studies; Buddy Paulett, Historical Studies


12:30-1:30pm The Literature of 9/11

Catherine Seltzer (Moderator), English Language & Literature; Valerie Vogrin, English Language & Literature; Charles Berger, English Language & Literature; Anushiya Ramaswamy, English Language & Literature


1:45-2:45pm Racism in American Higher Institutions of Learning

Traice Webb, Counseling Services; Christienne Hinz, Historical Studies; Erin Murphy, Sociology and Criminal Justice


2:50-4:00pm Women Faculty in Higher Education

Leah O’Brien (Moderator), Chemistry; Allison Thomason, Historical Studies; Lynn Maurer, Political Science; Danice Brown, Psychology; Paul Pitts, Office of Institutional Compliance; Denise Cobb, Sociology




3rd Floor

Room 3021

The Richard Nickel Story

(video with Louis Sullivan presentation)




2nd Fl.- Sullivan Lounge


Louis Sullivan & the Battle for America’s Architecture

Carl Springer, English Language & Literature; Eric Barnett, University Museum; Ivy Cooper, Art & Design; and others



3rd Floor

Room 3021

Second Showing The Richard Nickel Story

(video with Louis Sullivan presentation)



Abbott Auditorium (Library Basement, Room 0044)




American Voices: Poet, Composer, and Performer (Musical Performance)

Emily Truckenbrod, Music; Linda Perry, Music; Emily Ottwein, Music




The Black Theatre Workshop Touring Ensemble (w/Kathryn Bentley, Theater & Dance)

August Wilson: American Playwright


MUC, Hickory/Hackberry Rooms


1:45-2:45pm Re-Thinking ‘America’ and Re-Mapping the United States – Poster Session

Buddy Paulett & Students of History 334a (The Westward Movement in American History)



MUC, Hickory/Hackberry Rooms


7:00-8:00 p.m. Keynote Speaker: Ta-Nehisi Coates


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