CAS Colloquium – Thursday

March 24, 2011


MUC, Goshen Lounge


12:00-1:00pm SIUE Steel Presents Music by American Composers

Dan Smithiger, Music


MUC, Oak/Redbud Rooms


9:00-10:30am W(h)e(a)ther America: Environment, Climate, Society


Francis Odmerho, Geography; Shunfu Hu, Geography

Thinking About the Long-term Downstream Impacts of the Locks and Dams of the Mississippi River on Channel Patterns


Mark Hildebrandt, Geography

Impacts of Global Climate Change on Extreme Weather Events in the United States


Cynthia Bateman, English Language & Literature

Overlooking Environmental Injustice in America: A Marxist Interpretation of the Distracting Power of Capitalism


10:45-11:45am Thinking About America From Abroad


Nathaniel Dell, Philosophy

Authentic Experience, Nationalistic Categories, and Philosophical Travelogue: The Instanblues





Sara Sullivan, Historical Studies

International Standards and Local Crimes in Times of War: The Internment of Japanese Americans in the 1940s US as Viewed from the Geneva Convention


Lauren Gibson, Historical Studies

Room for the Heart to Grow: Pamuk’s Istanbul and Immigrants’ Learned Love of America


12:00-2:00pm Community in Culture


Anthony Cheeseboro, Historical Studies

Entertainment and Leisure in East St. Louis 1950-1995


  Aminata Cairo, Anthropology; Cassaundra Sampson, Political Science; Dometi Pongo, Business Economics & Finance; Jonathan Sterns, Anthropology; Kim Claus, Anthropology; William Scudere, Anthropology

Drumming for Well Being: Lessons Learned About Race, Community & Cultural Heritage


2:15-3:30pm Thinking About Native America I – Redressing the Past in the Present: Challenges and Issues


Julie Holt, Anthropology

Putting the Native Back into the American Bottom


Greg Vogel, Anthropology

Caddo Past and Caddo Present: The Archaeology and Identity of the Caddo Nation



Anne Flaherty, Political Science

A Losing Hand: The Media and Portrayals of American Indian Claims and Tribal Gaming


Rowena McClinton, Historical Studies

Missionary Writings about Indians: Problems, Confusions, and Solutions



3:45-5:00pm Thinking About Native America II – Redressing the Past in the Present: Collaborative and Indigenous Initiatives


Gypsy Murphy, Anthropology

Red Power-Red Pedagogy


Ceara Horsley, English Language & Literature

NAGPRA Quantified: What Empirical Analyses of Artifact Repatriations Can Tell Us


Cory Willmott, Anthropology

Collaborative Research and Digital Circulation: The GRASAC Database of Great Lakes Aboriginal Culture


Greg Fields, Philosophy

Songs in Epic Stories of the Pacific Northwest and Prospects for Recovery of The Samish Language


5:30-6:30pm Ways of Knowing


Clay Michael Awsumb, Sociology

Power of Knowledge and Power Over Knowledge: Incorporating Foucault and Bourdieu to the Cultural Study of Music


  Gerald Jackson, English Language & Literature



MUC, Maple/Dogwood Rooms


9:30-10:30am American Culture(s)


Aminata Cairo, Anthropology & Weedie Braimah, Professional Musician from St. Louis, Mo.

Being African in America


  Debbie Mann, Foreign Languages & Literature

American Identity with a French Accent: Re- Presenting Québec History in the works of Jacques Poulin


12:30-1:30pm The Long Struggle for Civil Rights 1870-1965


Bryan Jack, Historical Studies

The Struggle to Desegregate the St. Louis Public Transportation Mainly Through the Efforts of Carlton Tandy and his Wife


Jasmine Coleman, Historical Studies

Charts of Early Race Riots at the Turn of the Century in Illinois


Rich Binning, Historical Studies

Change and Crisis, 1954-1965


Rowena McClinton, Historical Studies

Understanding the Struggles Faced by Civil Rights Activists







Representations of Americanness in Book Designs for Susan Warner’s The Wide, Wide World

Jessica DeSpain, English Language & Literature; Kelly Walsh, Wendy Simpson, English Language & Literature Students


3:00-5:15pm Thinking About America the Beautiful: Sustainability in the Face of Environmental Degradation


Richard Brugam, Biological Sciences

Legacy Lead Contamination in Metro East


Christopher Theodoraski, Biological Sciences

Potential Hazards of Nanoparticles to Human Health and the Environment


Zhi-Qing Lin, Biological Sciences

Selenium and Human Health


Richard Essner, Biological Sciences

Bird Biodiversity


Elaine Abusharbain, Biological Sciences

American the Beautiful


MUC, Hickory/Hackberry Rooms


3:30-4:45pm Becoming American – Poster Session

Anne Flaherty and Political Science Students: Erika Johnson, Gabriel Bowden, Cecilia Ramirez, Moncharo Webb, Amanda Berry, Nolan Sharkey, Joseph Stosberg, Brian Wheeler, Lucas Hanner, Mariah Young, Erica Szewczyk, Alexander Steiger, Marielyn Vogel, Laura Lambert


4:45-5:15pm Storm Chasing in the American Heartland –

Poster Session

Christiana Ciampoli



MUC, Meridian Ballroom


  Arts and Issues Feature Presentation – 7:30 p.m.


The Langston Hughes Project: A Multimedia Concert Performance of Langston Hughes’ “Ask Your Mama: Twelve Moods for Jazz”


(Note: The Langston Hughes Project is a ticketed event, contact Arts and Issues, 618-650-5774)


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