Adventures in The Academy

Do you think that SIUE faculty are isolated in the midwest? If you do, you are mistaken.

A book, the collaborative effort of many members of SIUE, is proof of the wide range of experiences that SIUE faculty members have. Wednesday, September 15th saw the official release and book signing of “Adventures in the Academy: Professors in the Land of Lincoln and Beyond.” The book examines the connection between academia and the individual professor. It allowed each of the writers to explore how they came into world of academia and to show the paths they have travelled.

The signing and release was attended by members of the faculty and staff. SIUE’s Global Village also covered the event. Students in Global Village are processing the footage in order to put together a news story about the event.

“I think what this book [shows is the moment] in talking to someone that for the first time, when the light went on, that there was a very unique experience and their lives were transformed,” Provost and Vice Chancellor of SIUE Paul Ferguson asserted.

This book is piece of a bigger vision that will showcase what SIUE faculty has to offer students. It is a project spearheaded by Aldemaro Romero, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences SIUE.

One example is Carl Springer, SIUE Professor of English Language and Literature. “So, imagine. I am in the midst of Rome and doing a research project that involves going down into the Roman catacombs. My wife and I are there together. We’re in graduate school. We are as poor as church mice, but having a wonderful time. One afternoon we were greeted at the entrance to a catacomb by a guide who had obviously just eaten and dined well” So begins Springer’s chapter.

But, why am I writing this for you? Here are a few of the authors, reading and telling it in their own words, beginning with Springer.

Carl Springer:

Kristine Hildebrandt:

Jason Stacy:

Rowena McClinton:

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